How Peacock TV Can Accelerate Growth

Source: Comcast Q3 2020 Earnings


The metric Comcast is selling to investors, coupled with the aforementioned statement that people are consuming beyond projections, are both entirely objective. First, sign-ups are a meaningless metric. To experience a live stream of any kind on Peacock, you must complete a form using your email address. Let’s assume you do not even have to verify your email to be included in an activation total because there is no incentive for exclusion. A contrast to AVOD services like ViacomCBS’ Pluto TV, whose growth is exploding QoQ, and largely because they do not enforce an email address and autoplay a stream the second you visit their site or open any of their apps.

So, how do consumers feel about Peacock?

The iOS app store is an incredible resource for determining the baseline for how consumers feel about any business monetizing or attracting customers through apps. Which, in the COVID era, includes the vast majority of B2C companies. (Another solid indicator of the quality of an app, or any digital product, is how often it is updated.) Regardless of the average rating, it becomes more glaringly-apparent how consumers feel when you filter by the Most Recent reviews. Apple controls the default Most Helpful view, which skews the feed drastically.

Sort by Most Recent on the iOS App Store to get a raw sense of how consumers feel about a mobile app product.
Source: App Annie
Source: App Annie


There are so many negative reviews because Peacock treats their app as a channel broadcasting content to users. DTC streaming media brands must deliver compelling content through their products, yes. At a minimum, there must be a mechanism for users to leave feedback, which does not exist in Peacock’s case. There is only an FAQ page buried in the back of the settings menu. Hence why so many people are vocalizing their frustrations on a public forum. Their team can drive-down the number of 1-star reviews by making feedback accessible within the app.

This is the only available menu on iOS.
This campaign will generate more 5-star review submissions, as well as give frustrated users a voice.
There is no worse user experience than inputting passwords using a remote control.
Source: The Verge



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